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The ending of a relationship is hard, but when there are children involved then it makes it even harder to deal with. Sleepless nights, arguments with your ex-partner, and negotiating the NJ child support case system can affect your health and relationships with your loved ones. The stress can become unbearable for many if they choose to not have an experienced legal team represent you. We have seen firsthand the effects of handling child support issues by yourself when we have harried potential clients find our door when they just can’t take it anymore.

Please don’t attempt to navigate the NJ child support case system yourself. Allow us to take the immense weight from your shoulders and do what we do best and have been doing for many years in the local area. This business is our passion and we pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of legal negotiations and the state or city laws associated with child support and family law in Burlington County. Family law practices have been built around family values and ours is the epitome of the embodiment of family values.

When handling family legal matters, discretion and confidentiality is key. When you retain our services and we both agree to the terms of a contract for representation, you are then our client and anything that you say to us is then confidential. We pride ourselves on earning our clients trust and that of their children. Children are not usually involved in court cases but we will need to speak with your children about their thoughts on who they would like to live with and when to establish a basis for a custody agreement.

Sometimes, a legal representative that is an unbiased third party will be assigned by the court system to your children to act in their best interests during your NJ child support case case and will help to make your child feel most comfortable during this process. Your children will be asked to meet with this representative by themselves without you or your ex-partner present so they do not feel pressured into taking one side over another during their talk with the representative. This process is entirely normal, so don’t fret about it. The legal system developed this process in order to give children a voice without the potential trauma of having to testify in court.

Our firm is experienced in child support cases of all kinds so we know that we can best advise you in your individual case. We would like to urge you to give us a call and schedule a consult with one our experienced and very competent legal professionals so you can see firsthand how we can best serve you during this tumultuous time in your life. The NJ child support case system is a tool in your arsenal and our firm would round out your toolbox. Create the best scenario possible for yourself and that of your kids so you are better able to craft a win-win scenario for your children, yourself, and even your ex-partner.


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