New Jersey Marriage Laws

What You Should Know – NJ Marriage Laws

The Williams Law Group understands that marriage is a fundamental right. Whether you are a minor or an adult, you have the right to refuse to marry someone you did not choose. Marriage law protects you and gives you this right.

It is the set of rules, obligations, freedoms and fundamental rights governing a marriage in society. To be valid, a marriage must meet the substantive requirements (essential conditions of marriage) and formal requirements (formalities of marriage).

Many precautions must be taken before getting married abroad or marrying a foreign national. Every country has respective laws concerning marriage that may differ from one region to another.

If your spouse is a foreign national and you are unable to navigate the court system, the Williams Law Group can help. We can help you to get a reliable answer. Our firm has years of experience in handling cases related to marriage laws.

We are a team of hardworking and trustworthy lawyers. We have developed a very specialized approach to marriage laws. Whether married abroad or in your state with foreign, adoption, civil status correction of errors (e.g. spelling, date or place of birth, reversing the first and last names), change first name, etc.

The Williams Law Group has bee practicing marriage law in New Jersey for years. Contact us today for a private consultation.


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