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Following a divorce or separation, a mother may have many concerns regarding her parental rights to her children. If you are worried about your financial situation or the custody of your children, you should call a skilled family law attorney in New Jersey who understands the unique needs of mothers. A Montclair mothers’ rights lawyer could fight for your best interests in any legal situation concerning your parenting or financial situation.

A Mother’s Right to Custody of Her Children

One of the most critical concerns a mother may have following a separation or divorce is the custody of her children. Issues of child custody involve both legal and physical custody. Legal custody grants parents the rights to make important decisions about their children, such as where the child attends school, what kind of religion they practice, and what kind of medical treatment they may receive. Generally, both parents share legal custody unless one parent is either absent or declared unfit.

If a father tries to make a unilateral decision that could have a significantly negative impact on the child’s life, such as changing their school, a local attorney could work with the mother to prevent this change or negotiate with the other parent.

Physical custody refers to where the child lives, and visitation is given to the other parent. If a divorced woman wants to pursue sole or primary physical custody, a lawyer in the area could help her prove that it is in the best interests of her children to reside primarily with her. If a woman does not feel it would be safe for her children to live with their other parent, her lawyer could help prove why the party is unfit to care for her children.

Role of an Attorney in Custody Situations

In instances where the child’s other parent is not unfit, an attorney could help demonstrate that living primarily with the mother would still best provide what the child needs. For example, legal counsel could show that the mother was the primary caretaker before the divorce or separation.

Skilled attorneys could also help modify a parenting agreement if a mother needs to move or make a lifestyle change that could impact her children. Most importantly, a legal professional could work to uphold a parenting agreement if another parent is interfering with a mother’s custodial or visitation rights.

Our attorneys have experience in protecting the custody rights of single mothers when the biological fathers of their children decide to pursue custody and visitation following a paternity suit.

Child Support Obligations for Mothers in New Jersey

Generally, one parent must pay the other child support to help financially care for their shared child until they become financially independent. Many attorneys have experience in helping mothers obtain the monetary child support payments that they need to care for their children properly. If the father is not meeting his child support obligations, a Montclair attorney could help a mother fight for her right to financial help by bringing the matter to the court’s attention so it can enforce the support order.

How Paternity Impacts a Mother’s Parental Rights in Montclair

In New Jersey, if a child is born to married parents, then the husband is presumed to be the father. With a child born to a single mother, however, there is no presumptive father. Sometimes, fathers refuse to acknowledge that a child is theirs so they can avoid making child support payments. A lawyer in the region could help mothers establish paternity and fight for their children’s right to financial support. In other situations, a father may try to establish paternity to obtain custody or visitation rights. Our team could help a mother stand up for her right to establish and maintain a fair custody and visitation agreement in paternity claims.

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As a mother, your children are your highest priority. If you have concerns or worries about your rights regarding your child’s care, you should not hesitate to call a Montclair mothers’ rights lawyer. To schedule an initial case consultation, call today.

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