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If you are no longer with the mother of your child, you may have concerns regarding custody, visitation, or child support. Fortunately, one of our dedicated Montclair fathers’ rights lawyers could help you protect your rights as a parent and fight for your family’s best interests. Our family law attorneys in New Jersey could review your situation and determine what the best course of legal action may be based on your circumstances.

Avoiding Gender Bias in Family Court

Unfortunately, many still believe that mothers should be the primary caregivers of children and that fathers should only play a secondary role in raising their children. This is not the case in New Jersey. State courts cannot make decisions based on stereotypical gender biases, according to New Jersey Statute Annotated, Title 9 §2-4. Courts now recognize that fathers have the same rights as mothers when it comes to raising their children. It is essential to work with a local attorney who could help enforce these equal rights for fathers.

Custody Arrangements in New Jersey

Today, instead of proceeding with a gender bias toward the mother, New Jersey courts decide custody arrangements based on the best interests of the child. Usually, courts operate with the presumption that it is in the best interests of the child for both parents to share equal custody, unless there is a history of abuse. A knowledgeable local attorney could educate fathers on their equal rights to custody of their children and work with them to preserve those rights. In many situations, a lawyer could stand up for a father’s rights in negotiations with the opposing party’s attorney to create a child custody arrangement that is satisfactory to all of the parties involved.

If a father wants primary custody, he must prove that it is in the child’s best interest. An attorney could help him present evidence to the court to support his case. If a father is concerned about his child’s wellbeing in the mother’s home due to threats of domestic violence or indications that his child may not be receiving adequate care and attention, his attorney could work to expedite the legal process.

Concerns Regarding Child Support Obligations in Montclair

Both parents are under a legal obligation to pay for the financial upkeep of their children. Generally, one parent must contribute to the children’s financial wellbeing by paying child support to the other. In cases where a father must make child support payments, a local attorney could help by negotiating for a fair amount that does not leave him financially unstable. Alternatively, in cases where the father is receiving support payments, a lawyer could help him obtain adequate financial support so that he can care for his children’s needs appropriately.

The Establishment of Paternity

When a child is born out of wedlock, there is no presumptive father. Sometimes mothers file suits to establish a man’s paternity to obtain support payments for their child. If a man questions whether he is the father of a child, an attorney could work to find out the answer with a DNA test. A legal professional could also work with men who want to establish paternity so that they can be declared a child’s legal father. Once paternity has been established, a lawyer in Montclair could help a father gain parental rights to custody and visitation of their child.

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As a father, your biggest priority is your children. You should not have to worry about access to your children. Our Montclair fathers’ rights lawyers could work with you to preserve your parental rights. Reach out to our office today for help with your case.

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