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Families are at the core of society and every effort should be made to keep them healthy and together. Unfortunately, sometimes small disputes can turn into big ones and DFYS can enter the picture. If this has happened to you, contact a Middlesex DYFS attorney immediately.

What may have otherwise been a manageable situation rapidly becomes pure chaos.When facing a situation involving DFYS, you are likely in a very challenging time in your life. Instead of receiving help, you are now required to fight a state agency in order to keep your family together.

To make matters worse, DYFS is a notoriously complex agency and families can easily lose themselves in it. If you are dealing with DYFS, too much is at stake and you should not do it alone.

The Williams Law Group’s Middlesex County DYFS attorneys have years of experience guiding families through DYFS proceedings. We understand complex and sensitive cases and are there to help. If your children are at risk of being removed, contact The Williams Law Group today.

Using our knowledge and legal skills, we ensure your rights are protected and that you have every advantage in trying to keep your family together. Navigating DYFS on your own is not advisable. Let the Williams Law Group’s Middlesex County DYFS lawyers help.

The Williams Law Group focuses on the following legal areas: domestic violence, DYFS/DCPP, child abuse, family law, divorce, custody, criminal defense and matrimonial law.

Live in Middlesex County?

Your DYFS case will be held at Middlesex County Superior Court. The phone number for Middlesex County Superior Court is 732-519-3200 and the court is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday.

For legal representation against DYFS, contact our law firm for help.


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