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Regardless of the assets, property, and even people involved, the process of legally ending a marriage in New Jersey is rarely simple. However, if one or both parties in a divorce have substantial financial interests that may be martial property, these proceedings can become virtually impossible to handle without guidance from professional legal representatives.

Retaining one of our qualified Maplewood high-asset divorce lawyers can be an essential first step to resolving this kind of situation amicably and efficiently. Our skilled divorce attorneys have experience helping high net-worth individuals protect their financial and personal interests. They could provide the help you need to achieve the best possible resolution while separating from your spouse.

Unique Elements of Maplewood High-Asset Divorces

New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, meaning that courts overseeing asset division prioritize an “equitable” split of marital property. This is based on various factors as opposed to an equal split between both spouses. Accurately identifying and valuating the holdings that a high net-worth individual might have can be hard on its own, especially when determining if they are marital property.

Many high-asset divorces require the parties involved to decide what will be done with shared family businesses, a process which may entail:

  • Formal valuation of business assets
  • Sales of stocks
  • Stock options subject to equitable distribution
  • Plans for how a divorced couple will operate their business
  • Plans for how one or both parties will divest from the business entirely

In the same vein, high-asset couples may share bank and retirement accounts, real estate holdings, and various retirement and investment assets. All of these may be subject to court distribution if both parties cannot agree on a fair split beforehand.

Child custody and support arrangements can work differently in high-asset divorces, especially if one person has a greater capacity to provide financial support. Resolving these and various other issues in a productive way could be much easier with support from a Maplewood high net-worth divorce attorney.

How Skilled Legal Counsel Could Help in High Net-Worth Separations

The role of legal counsel in a high-value divorce is similar to that of legal counsel in standard divorces. In both scenarios, each party should retain their own legal representative to help them negotiate for a fair final agreement, advocate for their best interests, and ensure they are not taken advantage of at any point.

Accomplished attorneys in Maplewood are skilled in handling all elements of the dissolution of a high-value marriage, including complex problems unique to someone’s situation. A seasoned New Jersey legal team could take the lead on identifying and valuating assets and property, drafting agreements, resolving issues with real estate sales, and much more.

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No divorce is easy to go through, and separations between people with significant financial assets can be especially troublesome. Fortunately, help is available from dedicated legal professionals accustomed to helping people like you through unique situations.

Our Maplewood high-asset divorce lawyers could answer questions and clarify your options in detail during a confidential consultation. Schedule yours by calling our office today.

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