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Marriage and family relationships can create some of life’s greatest joys. They can also see some of its most difficult moments. When spouses or family members are at odds, it can be challenging to resolve conflict independently. Although couples may enter divorce proceedings with the best intentions to resolve differences amicably, courtroom battles over children, property, and monetary support can be emotionally and financially draining.

When a family cannot resolve a problem on its own, mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation. A receptive Livingston mediation lawyer could help New Jersey families reach equitable solutions without going to court.

Resolving Disputes Outside of Court

The goal of mediation is to reach a settlement without litigation. An unbiased mediator trained in family law meets with both parties to facilitate negotiations. The parties make the final decision on any settlement.

Mediation begins with each party providing details about the disputed issues. Once the mediator understands all perspectives, they facilitate respectful discussion, suggest possible resolutions, and work toward compromise. If a final settlement agreement is reached, it may be filed with the court to legally resolve the conflict.

Types of Conflicts for Mediation

Mediation is a practical technique to resolve family conflicts and may address:

A local mediation attorney could help successfully negotiate family matters and allow parties to maintain control of the resolution instead of having a judge decide the outcome.

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Going to court can lead to emotional wounds, damaged relationships, and substantial legal fees. Mediation can prevent long court battles and has significant benefits over litigation.


Court fees and trials in New Jersey are expensive. Even if it takes several sessions to resolve the dispute, mediation is often cheaper than court proceedings.

Faster Resolutions

Even simpler cases, such as uncontested divorces, take time to move through the legal system. Working with a neutral facilitator is a more efficient way of resolving disputes and could eliminate the stress of a long and drawn-out process. A mediated resolution helps parties to move on with their lives.


Family matters often involve sensitive information. If parties litigate their dispute in court, the facts of their case are open to the public. In mediation, the parties, attorneys, and mediator all agree to keep sessions confidential.

Preservation of Respectful Relationships

A bitter family dispute may hurt any chance of preserving civil relationships. Mediation promotes more positive communications. This non-adversarial process also helps parents stay focused on the relevant issues without putting children in the middle of the conflict.

Creative Settlement Options

If a judge resolves a family dispute, there are limited outcomes possible under New Jersey law. In mediation, parties are free to think outside of the box and may reach agreements that better suit the family’s needs. A skilled mediation attorney in the area could educate families on all settlement options and facilitate a beneficial resolution.

Role of a Mediation Lawyer

If a family seeks dispute resolution through mediation, it is highly beneficial to have an experienced Livingston attorney to guide them through the process. A mediator alone cannot provide legal advice or represent either party in New Jersey, but independent counsel could protect a party’s interests, ensure that all outstanding issues are addressed and resolved, and take the proper steps to finalize a legally binding settlement.

In family disputes, a strong position is critical to a successful negotiation and resolution. The more prepared a party is for settlement discussions, the better their chances are for a positive result. A legal advocate familiar with mediation could select a reputable facilitator, prepare a party for the process, and facilitate the exchange of all necessary financial information.

Speak with a Capable Livingston Mediation Attorney

Mediation could help you maintain control of family disputes, protect confidentiality, and reach a personalized resolution. Consulting a legal professional early in the process may help you better understand your settlement options. If you wish to discuss solutions, options for compromise, and paths to resolution, call a Livingston mediation lawyer today.

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