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The Williams Law Group, LLC, is a Law Practice devoted to Child Welfare Defense (involving the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), now known as DCPP). DYFS was an agency that was set up with good intentions.Unfortunately, their workings are highly complicated and complex. Even the most caring parent can be overwhelmed and want to give up. If you have been threatened with losing your children, contact a Hunterdon DYFS attorney immediately.

 If you or your family members are facing DYFS proceedings, our legal competence and human understanding will help guide you through this process. While doing so, we will ensure that your rights are enforced. Our group has fought relentlessly for years alongside our clients and perfectly mastered the legal maneuvers involved in DYFS cases. We have the knowledge to make sure that you are treated according to the most recent case law principles.

We understand that many cases are highly sensitive and all parties may feel very emotional. For help with your DYFS case, contact The Williams Law Group today. Our lawyer-client relationship is based on trust so that we can be there for you and construct the best strategy possible for your particular circumstance. We are your DYFS lawyers of choice who will safeguard your rights and work for your interest.

 It is inevitable that DYFS will cause a series of changes in your life. There will be various disturbances at the economic, social and psychological level. You’ll be forced to accept a new reality and adopt a set of new habits. Seek the advice of an experienced Hunterdon county DYFS lawyer who will help you prepare to face this difficult period and take you through the process with a lesser degree of stress and anxiety.

Live in Hunterdon County?

Your DYFS case will be held at: Hunterdon County Superior Court. The phone number for Hunterdon County Superior Court is 908-237-5800 and the court is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday.

For legal representation against DYFS, contact our law firm for help. The Williams Law Group focuses on the following legal areas: domestic violence, DYFS/DCPP, child abuse, family law, divorce, custody, criminal defense and matrimonial law



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