How to Combat Parental Kidnapping

When Custody Disagreements Go Too Far


For many separated parents, custody and parenting time are emotionally charged issues. When it comes to spending time with your child, any indiscretion on the other parent’s part can sometimes result in drastic measures being taken. Sometimes this results in parental kidnapping.


Protecting Your Parental Rights


Legally defined as the taking or withholding of a child in violation of the other parent’s rights, parental kidnapping can include anything from a parent refusing to let the other parent see the child to taking the child out of the state without permission. Parental kidnapping is more common than you’d think. There are a number of steps you can take to combat parental kidnapping, either preventatively or reactively. Having a legally enforceable custody arrangement is your first step. Including stipulations in your agreement that limit what the other parent can do with the child is one way you can protect your rights.


If those rights are violated, however, you will need to take the next step, which is usually involving law enforcement. A custody order is court issued. This means if a person violates the order they are disobeying the court. This is a serious offense. So is taking a child when or where you are not legally permitted to do so. Involving law enforcement can help ensure your child is returned to safety as soon as possible. Once this occurs, you will want to modify the custody order to place restrictions on when and where the other parent can spend time with your child. The parent who kidnapped your child may lose custody and may only be able to see your child under supervision and in public spaces.


Consult with an experienced New Jersey custody attorney if you have concerns about parental kidnapping. If you suspect the other parent may commit such an offense, there are ways you can fortify your custody arrangement to ensure your parental rights are well protected. A custody attorney can also help you if your child has been kidnapped or withheld from you and you need to modify a custody order. Doing so swiftly is of upmost importance, and an attorney can ensure your rights are protected and your child is returned to safety as soon as possible.


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