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The Williams Law Group, LLC, is a Law Practice devoted to Child Welfare Defense (involving the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), now known as DCPP). Parents who care about the needs of their children and take adequate measures to protect them may still find themselves involved with DYFS. If you have been threatened with the loss of your children, contact a Gloucester DYFS attorney immediately.

In many households, it often becomes demanding and a huge challenge to promote a safe and respectful environment for a child when parents are involved in a family conflict.

Legal interventions are necessary at times, and if this is the situation you find yourself in, we urge you to contact our law firm today.

Families involved with DYFS often experience emotional trauma. The Williams Law Group takes the protection of families very seriously and in cases involving family preservation, we are aggressive, experienced and influential. For immediate assistance with your DYFS case, contact The Williams Law Group today.

Seeking the help of experienced lawyers can help you safeguard the rights of your family and improve your chances of success within the DYFS system.

Our team of knowledgeable Gloucester county DYFS lawyers have experience working with complex and sensitive family matters. We provide all the necessary assistance to keep your family and children protected and safe.

We understand the tough times you and your children are going through and we will always fight along your side to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

The Williams Law Group focuses on the following legal areas: domestic violence, DYFS/DCPP, child abuse, family law, divorce custody, criminal defense and matrimonial law.

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Your DYFS case will be held at Gloucester County Superior Court.

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