False Child Abuse and Neglect Scenarios [Part Two of Three]

“War of the Roses” style divorce leads to a bitter, false accusation of abuse.

Jeremy Taylor and his ex-wife, Carol, had been feuding in the courts for five months, ever since Jeremy “blindsided” his wife with a request to separate. Initial attempts to mediate the divorce broke down, and the couple entered litigation, causing no small amount of sadness and confusion for their two young children, Mila, age 5 and Debra, age 2.

In the five months since separation, Jeremy had fallen into a pretty serious depression and found himself doing things like eating nothing but cereal for all his meals and missing work. However, he did take great care to be loving and present for his children. But one day, a week after a particularly grueling court experience, Jeremy suddenly found himself facing accusations that he had been malnourishing his children — feeding them unhealthy foods and allowing them to live and sleep in dirty, dangerous conditions. While Jeremy’s apartment would certainly not have qualified for the cover of Martha Stewart Living, the allegations were objectively unfounded.

Working with his attorney, Jeremy challenged the accusations as hearsay and got them discredited. Although he had the option of “punishing” his ex for making up the accusations, he chose to let bygones by bygones, so he could complete the divorce as soon as possible and start rebuilding his life and he relationship with his daughters.

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