False Child Abuse and Neglect Scenarios [Part One of Three]

Over the next three posts, we’re going to cover three fictitious stories that illustrate some common challenges:

Kenny’s bruises on the playground.

Kenny Haven was a third grader who liked to get scrappy. One day, after a tumble off the monkey bars, Kenny got sent to the school nurse, who became concerned because she saw a rash of bruises and cuts on the boy’s body. The nurse got the school administrators involved, who ended up calling DCP&P, which then initiated an investigation of Kenny’s single father, Chris.

Chris had a criminal history — one DUI and one charge of resisting arrest for causing disruption at a bar. He also did not have a particularly good relationship with his ex-wife. Chris, like his son, was a rough-and-tumble guy. That’s just genetics at play.

Chris understood that his background might not look particularly “good on paper.” But he also cherished his son and would never lay a hand on him – let alone subject him to the bruises and cuts the nurse found. The reality is that Kenny just happened to be a risk taker: he often fell and got banged up. Like his dad, he was naturally on the wild and aggressive side.

To protect his reputation and keep his family intact, Chris hired a qualified attorney who had worked successfully on numerous DCP&P cases. Among other things, she helped him compile evidence from pediatrician reports and from teachers at the school – as well as a video of one of his falls – that proved that Kenny often got scraped up on the playground. Based on the strength of this evidence, Chris was exonerated of wrongdoing and reunited with his son.

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