DYFS Hotline

Calls come into the DYFS hotline all of the time to report incidences that can be very dangerous for children. This is an easy way for people to help children without having to identify themselves as the person who reported a family or organization. The DYFS hotline makes it easier for reports to be made because people will not be retaliated against. The problem here is that a person can use the DYFS hotline as a way to report their former partners who they are in a custody battle with. These calls lead to an investigation that may result in having your child taken away from you. This is why you need help from a lawyer with experience in this field.

Is Getting a Lawyer Necessary?

The answer is simply “yes”. Lawyers are the perfect line of defense when you are facing off against a DYFS investigation. They have a lot of experience in this field so they know all of the steps that you have to face when you are going through this process. The last thing that you want to do is wind up facing something that you did not expect to happen. That is a very likely possibility if you do not have an experienced lawyer on your side.

There are also a lot of aspects that come along with the investigations that take place here. That can make this a very difficult journey for you to navigate on your own, making a lawyer an essential tool in this battle. Not only can they let you know what to do every step of this process but they can offer you valuable insight that will help you out in this battle. This is information that will help you out a lot including understanding your rights during this investigation. The advice of a lawyer will allow you the opportunity to make informed decisions during the process.

The sooner that you get the help of an experienced lawyer, the sooner you will be able to get started on this path of getting your children back. You need to get a head start on this before it becomes too late. Your future with your children depend on it, so you really want to make sure you have all of the tools ready to go the minute that you hear that there is an investigation taking place unlawfully.

We are Here to Help

That is exactly why we are here. Our team of lawyers have a lot of experience when dealing with these matters, which makes them an asset to your battle. One look at our track record and you will see just how well we have done for our clients. We are going to represent you and work hard at your side to get your children back into your custody. Our lawyers are here to help you through this process and we have been very successful working for our clients. You want a compassionate and experienced lawyer working for you and you will find that here.

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