Do Child Abuse Reporters Get to Know the Outcome of the Investigation?

Do Child Abuse Reporters Get to Know the Outcome of the Investigation?A Difficult Call to Make


Speaking up about the mistreatment of a child can be difficult, especially if you know and care about the family. It’s normal to want to remain involved in some way after you report child abuse. The DCPP (formerly the DYFS), New Jersey’s CPS agency, must keep reports and case records largely confidential. This confidentiality is to protect the privacy of the family and the rights of the child. But if you are a concerned child abuse reporter wanting to know what happened to the child in question, here is some information you may find helpful.

What Is Private?

First, it’s important to know DCPP may contact the person who reported the child abuse or neglect for more information. The DCPP may ask questions that could help them better assess the safety of the child. When the DCPP investigates child abuse reports, caseworkers may reach out to child abuse reporters for more information. However, the specifics of the investigation are confidential. For example, if you reported you thought your neighbor harmed his or her child, the DCPP would not tell you specifically what they found and what they are requiring the family to do.

The Final Outcome

DCPP may provide you with the outcome of the investigation, that is, whether or not the child was harmed. But beyond this definitive result, don’t expect DCPP to provide many details about the case. Child abuse investigations are complex and involve a multitude of evaluative factors. Furthermore, investigations can result in a variety of findings, which may or may not confirm the allegations.

If you are a concerned child abuse reporter or even a family facing child abuse allegations, it’s important to learn about your rights. As a reporter, providing the DCPP with all the information needed to protect the child may be a priority. Similarly, as a parent, you deserve to know what information from your case can be shared and what shall remain confidential. No matter how you are involved with DCPP, everyone’s common goal should be to protect the child. An attorney can help you make sure the child’s rights are protected in this situation.

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