Divorce Peacefully With These Negotiation Tips

Divorce Peacefully With These Negotiation TipsMany couples want to avoid dragging their divorce out in court so they can move on with their lives as quickly as possible. The key to simplifying the divorce proceedings is working together to reach agreements on child support, custody, and property division outside of the courtroom. If you plan on taking this approach, it’s important to know how to negotiate so you can ensure you get what you want out of the divorce. To divorce peacefully, follow these helpful negotiation tips:

Leave Your Emotions At the Door

It’s perfectly normal to experience a wide range of emotions during a divorce, but it’s crucial that you keep your emotions out of the negotiations. Emotions can cloud your judgment and convince you to make decisions that are not in your best interests. Keep your emotions in check during the negotiations so you can reach a fair settlement.

Figure Out What Your Spouse Wants

Many people who are divorcing get so caught up in figuring out what they want that they never stop to think about what their spouse wants. Why should you care? If you know what your spouse wants, it’s much easier to negotiate for what you want. It could be possible to offer your spouse what he wants in exchange for what you want, so you both walk away completely satisfied with the outcome. But, if you aren’t sure what your spouse wants, you can’t use this information to your advantage.

Establish Ground Rules

Before the negotiations begin, talk to your spouse about establishing certain ground rules. For example, tell your spouse that you will need an attorney to review the settlement prior to making it official. You can also establish a ground rule that forces both parties to remain civil at all times, even if you are unable to reach an agreement. Allow your spouse to establish ground rules as well so both parties feel that the negotiations are fair and on their terms.

Know When to Walk Away

Sometimes, it’s impossible to reach an agreement that is in your best interests. This often happens when the other party is too angry or upset to cooperate or compromise. If this happens, it’s best to walk away. Your spouse may come around in the future, but for now, talk to your attorney about other available legal options.

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