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DCF is a complicated organization that was set up to help ensure that children were being protected. Their goal is to protect every child that they can and they take any allegations of abuse very seriously. They have a very specific process that they go through when it comes to checking out any claims that may be reported to them.

The problem is that New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DYFS) often oversteps it’s authority and mishandles its investigations. If this has happened to your family, contact a highly trained and experienced professional to help you.

The DCF Process

Upon receiving a complaint, DCF will schedule an investigation in order to determine if there is any further action that is required. If they look into allegations and they feel as though it is an unsafe situation for the child, they will take the child from the home and place them with a foster family or with the closest living relative. If nothing is discovered at first, they will investigate further to ensure that they did not miss anything.

Benefits of a DCF Lawyer

During a serious time like this, having the right lawyer on your side will make all of the difference in the world. Finding out that you have a DCF investigation looming is scary enough but imagine the agony and desperation that you feel if your child gets taken away from you. It is only natural to want the best tools available to you so that you fight on a level playing field for your family.

This is exactly why you need a lawyer. They will have the knowledge and experience that is necessary to win back your children. An experienced lawyer understands the entire investigation process, which will give you some insight that will make the battle against DCF NJ a lot less daunting. You will also have the added benefit of knowing what comes next every step of the way so you do not feel like you are getting blindsided by anything that is going on. There is nothing more important to you than your child so fighting against false allegations must your top priority. Get a specialized DCF lawyer on your side and contact The Williams Law Group today.

Why Choose The Williams Law Group

It is crucial to find a lawyer that has the experience you need during this very important battle. Knowledge is power and that is certainly the case here when it comes to battling against DCF. The child welfare court system is one that is very complicated to navigate through because they want to ensure the child is in a safe and happy home. They only want the best for your child and they will fight for what they think is right. That is why you need to be prepared with a professional that knows the system inside and out.

The Williams Law Group focuses on DCF Law (New Jersey Department of Children and Families). Attorney Allison Williams is nationally known as the ‘DCF Diva’ and has repeatedly appeared on News 12 and the Katie Couric show as an experienced professional in her field.

If you want experienced representation in DYFS (DCPP) there is no comparison. There is no other attorney with Allison’s specialized legal knowledge and experience. When protecting your child, turn to The Williams Law Group first.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of DCF

Although New Jersey Department of Children and Families (formerly the Division of Youth and Family Services) is an admirable agency, it can be one of the most complicated to understand and to navigate. If you find yourself involved with DCF NJ, contact The Williams Law Group for legal assistance. After reviewing your file, we will make the best determination of how to proceed and keep you informed every step of the way.

The Family Division is complex, and unfortunately it is not uncommon to have judges in FM, FD, or FV matters review DCPP records, allow counsel – and not the parties – to review the information in court, not possess a copy of it, not show the record to the client – and then rely upon some or all of the DCPP unvetted findings in making determinations regarding custody and parenting time.

DCF NJ Handicaps

The Williams Law Group is all too aware of this situation and to this end, we guarantee that our clients receive copies of all pertinent records. Our priority is to achieve the best possible outcome and we prepare in advance in order to not allow unvetted findings to enter into the determination factor for our clients. We give our clients access to DCPP records in order to use, absorb, digest and discredit agency investigative findings. We do not want you handicapped in protecting your children simply by virtue of the court’s overtaking that responsibility.

DCF NJ Trial Preparation

Notwithstanding the compulsory language of the statutory exceptions to confidentiality, DCPP routinely objects to disclosure of these records, necessitating seeking a court order. The Williams Law Group diligently files this order and thus, if an expert conducts an evaluation, compiles third-party hearsay statements from collateral contacts and otherwise gathers discovery – information to be used at trial – our office obtains a copy well before the trial date.

The Williams Law Group fights for child welfare and advocacy. We stand behind the clients we represent and construct the best possible DCF (DCPP) strategy for their particular situation. Our goal is to achieve a successful outcome for child, parent, and family. Contact us at 908-810-1083.

Although we hope you find them helpful, these pointers are not designed to provide legal advice. Please contact our law firm at 909-810-1083 for personalized legal help with your case. We look forward to hearing from you!


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