Can the DCPP Remove Your Child When He or She Is In School?

Can the DCPP Remove Your Child When He or She Is In School?Parents that are being investigated by the Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) often fear that a caseworker will show up at their doorstep to take their children away from their home. This is a legitimate concern for parents that are being accused of child abuse or neglect. But, it’s important for parents in this situation to understand that the DCPP may not need to show up at their doorstep in order to separate a child from his parents. Can the DCPP remove your child from school? Here’s what you need to know:

Can the DCPP Remove Children From School?

The DCPP has the authority to remove children when they are in school under certain circumstances. For example, the DCPP can remove a child from school in cases involving physical abuse. However, this is only an option when law enforcement is not available or willing to escort DCPP to the child’s home. It is best for the DCPP to remove the child from school in this situation in order to avoid a physical confrontation with the abusive parent.

The DCPP may choose to remove a child from school in cases involving emotional or sexual abuse as well. Removing a child from his home in this type of case could aggravate his parents and lead to an emotional confrontation. If the DCPP believes the confrontation could cause serious emotional or psychological damage, they will protect the child by removing him from school instead.

Some parents will go to great lengths to keep their children in their custody. For example, parents may attempt to flee with their children to hide from the DCPP. If the DCPP believes the parents may try fleeing with their children, they will not remove the children from their home. Instead, they will remove the children while they are in school. The child can also be pulled out of school if the DCPP believes that the parents will hold the child hostage once they find out about the plans to remove him from their care.

Can the School Stop the DCPP From Removing A Child?

The DCPP must show school officials proof that they are authorized to remove a child from school. This can include either a court order that authorizes the move or a form completed by the DCPP’s case managers. If this proof is not provided, the school will not allow the DCPP to remove the child.

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