Why Financial Infidelity Often Leads to Divorce

The term “infidelity” often brings the thought of extramarital affairs to mind. But, a romantic affair is not the only type of infidelity that can damage a marriage. Financial infidelity, or being dishonest with your spouse about your financial situation, is one of the most common causes of divorce. Here’s why:

Lifestyle Differences

Financial infidelity often stems from differences in the way that each spouse wants to live his or her life. For example, one spouse may want to spend every last dollar on luxurious vacations and high-end clothing, whereas the other may want to save as much money as possible. If the couple cannot see eye-to-eye on how to use their money, their marriage may not last.

Raises More Questions

Finding out that your spouse is lying about finances can raise questions and doubts in your mind. If your spouse was lying about his finances, what else is he hiding? There should be trust in every marriage, so when financial infidelity destroys the trust between a married couple, the relationship may never return to what it was once.

Stirs Feelings of Resentment

Let’s say you are the primary breadwinner in your household, and you find out that your spouse has secretly been going on shopping sprees and spending thousands of dollars. In this situation, you may start to feel resentment towards your spouse for frivolously spending the money you work so hard to earn. Feeling resentful can cause you to lash out at your spouse–especially if you are not willing to share your true feelings. If the underlying issue is not addressed, these feelings of resentment could lead to divorce.

Creates More Stress

Many spouses that commit financial infidelity incur a significant amount of debt as a result of their dishonesty. Both partners share debt that is accrued during a marriage, which means you are partially responsible for the debt your spouse incurred behind your back. This can put a lot of extra pressure on you to earn more money in order to start paying off your spouse’s debts. You may need to adjust your household budget and cut back on luxuries so you can afford to pay down the debt. Unfortunately, some marriages are not strong enough to make it through this stressful situation.

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