Where Should You Live During A Divorce?

Most married couples are no longer comfortable living under the same roof once they’ve decided to file for divorce. Therefore, the couple’s living arrangements is one of the first issues that needs to be discussed after the divorce paperwork has been filed. Here are some potential places to live during a divorce:

Your Home

It’s possible that your spouse will agree to leave the marital home during the divorce proceedings, which means you can continue living in it for now. This is common in divorces where kids are involved. The primary caretaker of the children usually remains in the family home to provide some stability to the children’s lives.

Staying in the family home is ideal, but it’s also expensive. Make sure you discuss the issue of household expenses with your spouse if you choose this arrangement.

Rental Apartment/Home

Many people who are in the middle of a divorce decide to move into a rental apartment or home until their divorce has been finalized. This temporary living arrangement gives you the time and space you need to cope with the end of your marriage and plan your next steps.

Staying With A Loved One

You may need to lean on someone during this difficult time, so consider temporarily staying with a close friend or family member. This may not be the best living arrangement for those who want privacy and space, however it ensures you will always have someone to talk to when you’re having a particularly rough day. It also gives you plenty of time to search for the perfect home to move into once the divorce has been finalized.

Bird-Nesting Arrangement

Some married couples with children adopt a bird-nesting arrangement during and after their divorce. In this type of arrangement, the children remain in the family home at all times. Each parent lives in the family home during their scheduled time with the children, and lives in another home when it is the other parent’s turn to spend time with the kids. This arrangement ensures that the children are not forced to leave the family home or adjust to new leaving arrangements. However, this arrangement is only possible when both parents are willing to cooperate.

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