Are Single Parents at a Disadvantage in Child Welfare Cases?

Are Single Parents at a Disadvantage in Child Welfare Cases?You Up Against Them

Single parents face unique challenges while raising a child. Providing a safe home and adequate care for a growing child is often easier as a team. Though single parents cannot be discriminated against in child welfare cases for their marital status alone, the challenges single parents face in day to day life can, but don’t always, affect their ability to meet the demands of the child welfare agency.

Single Parent Challenges

Challenges single parents commonly face include financially providing for their child, providing adequate supervision or affording quality child care, juggling work while raising a child, and finding the time to be a caring and involved parent while meeting many financial needs. In the eyes of New Jersey’s child welfare agency, single parents are seen as equal to married parents. But unlike married parents, single parents have more responsibilities that lay solely on their shoulders. This may seem like they face discrimination in child welfare cases because they have more responsibilities to attend to.

Navigating the Case as a Single Parent

Caseworkers should advise parents of their rights and responsibilities during the child welfare case process. Caseworkers may also ask parents to complete certain steps such as making changes to their home so it is safe for a child or going to drug and alcohol treatment or counseling. You may feel stressed and overwhelmed if you are facing these tasks alone, but it is very important that you be able to do what the agency is requiring you to do.

Expect Caseworkers to Work With You, Not Against You

Your caseworkers should be working with you on developing a safety plan and making the changes needed to make your home safe. You don’t have to do this alone. Enlist the help of trusted friends family if you need extra support during this time. It is equally important to speak with an attorney about what your caseworkers are asking of you. An attorney can protect your rights during the process and make sure the requests the agency makes are reasonable and necessary.

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