2 Reasons to Strategize to Defend Against False Abuse Charges

1. You want clarity about what you need to do, when, and why, as well as how your life will likely unfold.

False charges are not only scary; they are also wildly disruptive. Human beings have deep needs for closure and certainty. One of the reasons why television is so addictive, for instance, is that producers and writers intentionally install “cliffhangers” at the ends of acts and episodes. We want to know “what’s going to happen?” Until we find out, our brains — at a subconscious level – cannot let go and let us concentrate fully on other activities.

Likewise, when your case is in limbo — when you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to see your children or not, not sure whether you’ll face sanctions (including jail time), and not sure how friends, relatives and coworkers will react to your situation — you may find it tough to concentrate on “living life” and taking care of the bare essentials. That’s why getting a handle on your legal strategies and tactics can be such a relief. Once you have a plan regarding how to engage with DCP&P, your brain can settle down and focus on what needs to get done.

2. Having a plan for dealing with the legal process should allow you to be more nimble and flexible when presented with opportunities and setbacks.

World War II general (and later President) Dwight Eisenhower famously observed that plans change but planning is indispensable. Why? The answer is that having a solid paradigm for thinking about a process – and a good plan to go with it – can allow you to improvise and deal with crises and opportunities as they emerge.

For instance, maybe two months into the defense process, your ex (who falsely accused you) might add a litany of additional allegations, which can create extra legal headaches for you. How should you respond? The answer will depend on the circumstances, obviously. However, if you have a plan in place – and if you understand the general flow of the defense process – you will be more likely to meet the needs of the situation.

Alternatively, maybe a few weeks from now, a school administrator will come forward with evidence that the bruises on your child — which prompted your harrowing legal situation — occurred on the playground. Or a teacher might testify that she saw the fall happen; and, thus, she can help you clear your name.

Take time to reflect on your purpose in fighting these allegations; you may even want to write it down and review it daily.

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