How to Talk to Your Fiancé About Signing A Prenuptial Agreement

The words “prenuptial agreement” tend to stir up a lot of emotions in people who are engaged. For this reason, it’s important to approach the topic of signing a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé delicately. Here’s how:

Wait For the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to talking about prenuptial agreements. You shouldn’t start talking about a prenup in the middle of a heated argument or while in front of family members or friends. This is a conversation that needs to take place in private when both of you are both cool, calm, and collected.

Blame Your Attorney

Most attorneys would gladly take the blame for suggesting a prenuptial agreement, so feel free to tell your significant other that your lawyer has advised you to create one. Shifting the blame onto your attorney will take some of the heat off of you and make the conversation much more pleasant.

Discuss the Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

As the conversation heats up, stay focus on the benefits of signing a prenuptial agreement. Make sure you discuss how the agreement will benefit you both so your significant other understands that it is in her best interests to sign one, too.

For example, a prenuptial agreement can simplify the divorce proceedings and keep costs low. Both parties in a marriage will benefit from a simple and inexpensive divorce, so this should be brought to your significant other’s attention.

Reassure, Reassure, Reassure

Be prepared for your significant other to take your desire for a prenuptial agreement personally. Your significant other may start to wonder whether you are having doubts about your future together. She may ask why you need a prenuptial agreement if you are planning on staying together forever. Asking for a prenup can also cause your significant other to think you don’t trust her or you are questioning her intentions.

Let your fiancé openly talk about how she feels about the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement. Remain calm as she expresses her feeling. Then, make sure she understands that you only want a prenuptial agreement so both of you can protect your financial future. Continue to reassure her that it is nothing personal and she will most likely warm up to the idea.

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