When a Parent Breaks Visitation, Custody or Spousal Support Rules

Just because a couple has developed a parenting plan or the court has imposed rules regarding time sharing or financial support doesn’t mean that everyone will abide by those terms. What happens then?

As we’ve discussed previously, the alienating parent may flout visitation rules by inventing excuses or by pretending that the child is sick or overwhelmed by homework or sports. The goal – often subconscious – is to shorten visits with the targeted parent. Calling out these rule violations and getting them to stop can be tricky, to say the least, particularly if the slights are small and incremental.

It’s one thing for a parent to abscond to Quebec for a two-week vacation with a child without telling the other parent. But many times, the rule violations are quite subtle. For instance, can you prove that your child wasn’t actually sick on some day, particularly if the child believes that you’re the problem and is in collusion with the alienating parent? Without access to vehicle and shop records, how can you prove that the other parent didn’t actually have a flat tire on the day she claimed that she couldn’t drop the child off at your apartment for the weekend?

Documenting, investigating and ultimately ending this “nickel-and-diming” behavior can take patience as well as keen observation. An attorney experienced with handling complex child custody and Parental Alienation cases can help you develop a plan for how to regain control.

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