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Divorce & Custody Law

Enjoy the experience and professionalism of lawyers who will protect you and your family. The Williams Law Group, LLC will help you get the best results for your case and defend the exclusive interests of your family.

Legal Experience & Support

The Williams Law Group focuses on Family & Child Custody Law and we are a recognized leader throughout the New Jersey area for our experience in these areas. The Williams Law Group is proficient with rules governing parental access issues in the family. In particular the rules governing matrimonial (FM) cases, both during and after a divorce judgement is entered, non-dissolution (FD) cases (i.e., cases involving parents who were never married or who are not yet proceeding with a divorce action); restraining order cases (i.e., cases where a FRO has been entered against a party who has a child in common with the protected person who is covered by the FRO); and DCPP/DYFS (FN) cases.

Family Court & Divorce

The Williams Law Group is with you from the start of your divorce case and we remain with you and assist with any modifications that may take place. Generally speaking, after the initial custody and parenting time dispute has been resolved, requests to modify the initial judgement arise in one of two ways. Either a parent files a notice of motion, in accordance with Rule 5:5-4, or files a request for a modification hearing in summary matters (i.e., FDs and FVs). In any case type, however, a parent may bring emergent issues to the court’s attention by way of an order to show cause.

Privacy & Public Disclosure

Our group understands that often parents wish for custody and divorce affairs to remain private. In custody cases involving the welfare or status of a child, the court, on its own or a party’s motion, has discretion to direct that any proceeding or severable part of a proceeding be conducted in private. Our group will assist you with avoiding public disclosure of sensitive documents created during any and all investigations by filing an application and “the court, upon demonstration of good cause and notice to all interested parties, shall have the authority to order that a Family Part file, or any portion thereof, be sealed.”

Your Lawyers of Choice

The Williams Law Group is your divorce lawyer of choice. We make sure that your legal rights are protected, and create the best legal strategy for your situation while maintaining your privacy. Contact us today at 908-810-1083 for assistance with your family matter.