False Child Abuse and Neglect Scenarios [Part Three of Three]

Hurtful allegations of mental illness and incompetence exaggerate reality.

When Veronica Canes gave birth to her son, Jaden, at young age of 23, she quickly fell into a postpartum depression that coincided with her breaking up with her boyfriend at the time.

Being a simple mother who had to work — and who didn’t exactly have the world’s most supportive or wealthy family — Veronica struggled for years to get her bearings. Despite having a decent, high paying job at a marketing firm, she had to be hospitalized for depression twice: once when Jaden was seven months and once shortly after her father passed.

However, she had been on the upswing – both professionally and personally – when she got into a fight with an apartment complex neighbor, who had been playing loud music late into the night, which prevented Jaden from sleeping. In retaliation for Veronica’s complaint to the manager of their apartment building about the noise, the neighbor sought revenge by making up allegations that Veronica had mistreated Jaden. He said she kept him home from school and yelled at and hit him. Truth be told, Veronica had been forced to take Jaden out of school a few times due to work emergencies. And she had, occasionally, yelled at her son loudly. But the neighbor’s allegations wildly exaggerated the situation. Unfortunately, Veronica knew that her psychiatric history could pose a serious problem during the DCP&P process.

Her lawyer helped her not only effectively manage the investigation into her psychiatric history but also challenge the neighbor’s account and trustworthiness. Veronica wound up keeping Jaden in her custody, and the landlord later evicted the lying neighbor for illegally growing marijuana.For skillful, experienced assistance battling back against untrue allegations of child abuse or neglect, call the Williams Law Group, LLC immediately at (908) 810-1083.

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