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The Williams Law Group focuses on DYFS Law (DCPP). Attorney Allison Williams is nationally known as the ‘DYFS Diva’ and has repeatedly appeared on News 12 and the Katie Couric show as an experienced professional in her field.

Nationally Known & Recognized

If you want the best, most qualified representation in DYFS (DCPP) there is no comparison. There is no other attorney with Allison’s specialized legal knowledge and experience. When protecting your child, turn to The Williams Law Group first.

Taking the Guesswork out of DCPP/DYFS

Although the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly the Division of Youth and Family Services) is an admirable agency, it can be one of the most complicated to understand and to navigate. If you find yourself involved with DCPP, contact The Williams Law Group for legal assistance. After reviewing your file, we will make the best determination of how to proceed and keep you informed every step of the way.

The Family Division is complex, and unfortunately it is not uncommon to have judges in FM, FD, or FV matters review DCPP records, allow counsel – and not the parties – to review the information in court, not possess a copy of it, not show the record to the client – and then rely upon some or all of the DCPP unvetted findings in making determinations regarding custody and parenting time.

DCPP/DYFS Handicaps

The Williams Law Group is all too aware of this situation and to this end, we guarantee that our clients receive copies of all pertinent records. Our priority is to achieve the best possible outcome and we prepare in advance in order to not allow unvetted findings to enter into the determining factor for our clients. We give our clients access to DCPP records in order to use, absorb, digest and discredit agency investigative findings. We do not want you handicapped in protecting your children simply by virtue of the court’s overtaking that responsibility.

DCPP/DYFS Trial Preparation

Notwithstanding the compulsory language of the statutory exceptions to confidentiality, DCPP routinely objects to disclosure of these records, necessitating seeking a court order. The Williams Law Group diligently files this order and thus, if an expert conducts an evaluation, compiles third-party hearsay statements from collateral contacts and otherwise gathers discovery – information to be used at trial – our office obtains a copy well before the trial date.

The Williams Law Group fights for child welfare and advocacy. We stand behind the clients we represent and construct the best possible DYFS (DCPP) strategy for their particular situation. Our goal is to achieve a successful outcome for child, parent, and family. Contact us at 908-810-1083.