Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally and financially taxing experiences in a person’s life.  It is not uncommon for divorce to be a watershed moment, where all events can be measured by what comes before and what comes after.  Divorce can be a simple case or extremely complicated and stretch on for months or even longer.  Many people wonder if they can handle their divorce themselves – after all, who is better equipped to make decisions about their lives than the people directly involved in that daily grind.  Even if you have a simple, uncontested divorce, there are many reasons why you need a lawyer for your divorce.

First, a divorce attorney will be familiar with the types of issues that many people inexperienced in the field will overlook.  For example, attorneys are well acquainted with the possible solutions for dividing real estate or retirement accounts without incurring tax penalties.  If you do not hire an attorney, you can end up entering into an agreement that exposes you to tax liability or future litigation because of vague terms.

Another reason you should retain an attorney for your divorce is to accurately determine child support.  In New Jersey, the income of both parents is considered when setting child support.  However, other elements will also be relevant, such as whether either parent is already under an order to pay support for another child and the amount of parenting time each person has with the child.  Moreover, if either parent is voluntarily underemployed or even self employed, accurately setting child support can be challenging.  An attorney will be able to help accurately set your child support obligation.

Finally, an attorney can help guide you through the procedures involved with divorce.  There are many essential steps involved in making sure your divorce goes smoothly, including filing in the correct jurisdiction, properly serving the other spouse, and setting the final hearing according to the correct notice procedures.  Failing to follow these procedures can result in your divorce being denied or even completely dismissed.  Your attorney will be familiar with the state and local rules involved with filing for and obtaining a divorce.

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