When to Call in a Parenting Coordinator

Co-parenting is challenging and requires high levels of cooperation and problem-solving. Often, co-parents struggle to follow their parenting plan with minimal conflict and mutual respect. Parenting coordinators can help co-parents work through some of these challenges and keep minor conflicts out of court. But when is the best time to call in a parenting coordinator? Usually, when co-parents face repeated conflict over parenting plan matters, a parenting coordinator can do a lot to help those parents reach an agreement and stay out of the courtroom.

Saving Time and Energy

Co-parenting conflict can monopolize your time and energy, leaving less for your child. If you want some professional help in dealing with this conflict effectively and efficiently, a parenting coordinator may be of help. Parenting coordinators help co-parents coordinate their lives and parenting styles so they can better manage their parenting plan and parenting time schedule. This is a child-centric approach to problem solving. Frequent conflict over parenting time schedules and minor parenting decisions can be hard for a child but are sometimes unavoidable when co-parents cannot agree.

Parenting coordinators differ from custody evaluators in that they help co-parents work through conflict and manage their parenting plan and parenting time schedule, rather than determining which parent should get custody. Working with a parenting coordinator might be a good option for you if you already have a parenting plan and parenting time schedule in place but need help making it work. You can’t go to court every time there is a minor discrepancy, nor should you. In fact, the courts sometimes refer parents to parenting coordinators to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If you need help following your parenting plan, consult with an experienced New Jersey child custody attorney. An attorney can help you identify what challenges a parenting coordinator can help with and what challenges might require court intervention. An attorney can also help you understand the benefits and limitations of working with a parenting coordinator and help you take steps toward conflict-free co-parenting in the future. This may involve working with a professional such as a parenting coordinator or obtaining a modification of your existing plan.

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