Victoria D. Miranda Named Chair of the District XII Fee Arbitration Committee

Victoria Miranda, partner at Williams Law Group, has been named Chair of the District XII Fee Arbitration Committee. Fee Arbitration allows a client to dispute fees with his or her attorney. There are at least eight Fee Arbitration Committee District members, including one chair and one vice chair member. All members are appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and serve a term of four years.

Victoria Miranda was appointed as the Chair member of District XII. Victoria Miranda is an experienced attorney who focuses on matrimonial law and child welfare law. Victoria has been with Williams Law Group since 2014 and has prior experience advising clients on family law, divorce, child custody and support, domestic violence and child abuse and neglect matters throughout the state of New Jersey.

The Fee Arbitration Committee is made up of both attorneys and non-attorneys, all of whom are volunteers. Most cases are heard by a panel of three members: two attorneys and one non-attorney.

New Jersey attorneys are required to provide new clients with a written fee agreement or a letter summarizing the fee arrangement. If you have a disagreement with your attorney regarding the fee structure or your payments, you can go to the Fee Arbitration Committee. The Fee Arbitration Committee was designed to resolve these disputes as a low-cost alternative to lawsuits.

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