How to Use an Expert Witness in a Custody Case

In disputed custody cases, an expert witness can provide valuable testimony that can help a judge make an informed decision about which parent should get custody. Expert witnesses for custody cases can be anybody who can provide authoritative information relevant to the case and can help the judge make a decision on custody. Commonly used expert witnesses include psychologists, child psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, counselors, therapists, social workers, teachers, and caregivers.

These types of witnesses can often provide valuable insight into what is truly best for the child. For example, a psychologist who has worked with the child or the parent(s) may be able to testify on the basis for parental alienation. Likewise, a doctor may be able to testify on any signs of abuse or neglect the child has been treated for. This information is sometimes otherwise unavailable to the court and may need to come from an authoritative figure to be taken as fact. Such admissions, if coming from just the parents who are in opposition, usually need evidence to back them up. Testimony and records provided by expert witnesses can serve as this evidence.

If you are in a custody dispute, consider working with an experienced New Jersey child custody attorney. A child custody attorney can advise you of your rights, explain what factors the judge will consider when making a decision on custody, and what steps you can take to ensure the judge has all the information needed to make a decision that is in your child’s best interests. While you cannot sway the judge’s decision directly, you can provide the information he or she may be lacking to make a good decision.

Asking an expert witness to provide testimony is one way you can effectively do this, but you should speak with an attorney first. Expert witnesses can be expensive, and they may need to conduct evaluations or review records before providing information to the court. This can extend the timeline and costs of your case. But, in some cases, an expert witness can provide the court with valuable information that can help ensure your child’s best interests are protected.

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