How to Prevent Your Divorce From Affecting Your Work

Most people understand the importance of keeping their personal lives separate from their professional lives. But, it’s hard to follow this rule when you’re in the middle of a divorce. The stress, sadness, and anger stirred up by a divorce may eventually start to impact your performance at work. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your divorce out of the workplace. Here’s how to prevent your divorce from affecting your career:

Talk to Your Boss First

You don’t need to tell all of your co-workers about your divorce, but you should have a private conversation with your immediate supervisor. Let your boss know what’s going on so they understand that you may need to take time off in order to attend court hearings or hammer out the details of the settlement.

Don’t Use Divorce As An Excuse

You should never use your divorce as an excuse to slack off, miss deadlines, or act unprofessional in the workplace. Your manager may understand if it happens once, but if it becomes a habit, he may not show much sympathy.

Excuse Yourself to Make Phone Calls

Always excuse yourself and step outside briefly to answer important phone calls regarding your divorce. Of course, it’s better if these calls are handled outside of business hours, but if it’s absolutely necessary to answer, step away from your office first. This ensures that your co-workers cannot hear every detail of your conversation with your attorney or soon-to-be ex.

Address Gossip

Co-workers may start spreading rumors when they suspect that you are going through a divorce. If people are whispering about your divorce, it’s important to address the gossip instead of hiding your head in shame. Let your co-workers know that you would like to keep your divorce private. Be polite with the wording of the message, but firm with its delivery.

Don’t Make Major Decisions

Emotions can cloud your judgment, so now is not the right time to make major decisions about your career. Do not quit your position, accept a reassignment, transfer to another office, or turn down a promotion until you are thinking clearly. These decisions can affect your future, so you shouldn’t make them until you are in the right state of mind to think them through. Plus, it takes time to recover from the changes that divorce brings, so the last thing you need is to make even more radical changes in your life.

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