How to Deal With An Angry Spouse During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce can stir up negative emotions–especially if one spouse is not interested in ending the marriage. An angry spouse may intentionally make the divorce process more complex and stressful by refusing to compromise or attempting to drag your name through the mud. How can you deal with an angry spouse during divorce proceedings? Follow these tips:

Leave Your Kids Out Of It

No matter what, it’s best to leave your kids out the conflict between you and your spouse. Sharing details about the divorce with them or speaking negatively about your spouse in front of your children will only add fuel to the fire.

Keep Your Cool

Your spouse will continue to push your buttons in order to get a reaction, but don’t give him what he wants. Keep your cool at all times while you are in court or in front of your spouse. If you need to let off steam, wait until you’re alone with close friends and family members.

Document Evidence

Sometimes, an angry spouse will only show his true colors when he is outside of the courtroom. If your spouse is only acting angry when no one else is around, it’s important to document as much evidence of his aggression as possible. Keep a copy of angry texts, voicemails, and emails. If your spouse acts aggressively in person, write down a summary of what happened as soon as possible. This documentation is admissible as evidence in divorce court, so keeping a record of these interactions will strengthen your case.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Dealing with an angry spouse can take a toll on your physical and mental health. The key to getting through this difficult process is surrounding yourself with positive people. Being around close friends and family members will remind you that the negative things your spouse is saying or doing is a reflection on his character, not yours.

Hire An Attorney

You should never attempt to handle an angry spouse with the help of an experienced divorce attorney. An attorney can serve as a middleman so you no longer need to communicate directly with your spouse. Plus, an attorney can also protect your best interests and defend your character throughout the divorce proceedings. To reach the best possible outcome, hire an attorney that has experience representing clients in contentious divorces.

Don’t go through the trouble of dealing with an angry spouse alone–let us help. The experienced attorneys at Williams Law Group, LLC will ensure your spouse’s anger does not affect the outcome of your divorce.

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