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Family law cases, including divorce and custody litigation, are notoriously difficult on the participants. The very nature of these cases delve into the most intimate areas of the parties’ lives, including how they handle finances, how they relate to the other spouse, and how they raise their children. Because family law litigation can result in such difficult feelings and situations, family counseling can greatly benefit families even if they are in the midst of divorce or custody cases.

One reason family counseling may be important is to help your child or children transition from one household to two households. Children thrive on consistency and stability, and divorce or custody cases will often undermine the most stable of households. Family counseling can help children to process their feelings and to help articulate their needs to their parents. This is helpful not only with very young children, but also with teenagers who may be dealing with other emotional challenges.

Another reason family counseling may be helpful for your case is if you have a challenging relationship with the other parent. If you and the other parent are having difficulties reaching an agreement or learning to co-parent, a family counselor can help you and the other parent to develop effective communication strategies. The importance of developing a relationship with the other parent that is, at the very least, neutral, cannot be understated. It will help you and the other parent be the best parents you can be, as well as potentially avoid future litigation by being able to effectively communicate instead of asking for court intervention.

Family counseling will also help in your post-divorce or post-custody interactions with the other parent. It is very common for one or both parents to move on and develop a new romantic relationship with a new partner after the case is over. In the best circumstances, these people can provide an expanded support network for the parties’ children. However, it can create conflict when those relationships first start to develop. Family counseling can help parties and their children understand the proper role of these new family members in the context of their particular case.

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