Continuation of Child Support and College Expenses

Typically, child support is terminated once a child is emancipated. Just when that occurs is sometimes up for debate. Many parents think their child support obligation ends once their child turns 18 and graduates from high school. In New Jersey, however, this isn’t the case. In fact, New Jersey child support doesn’t end automatically until the child marries, dies, enters the military, or turns 19.

In certain cases, a parent’s child support obligation may be extended beyond the age of 19, up until the age of 23. Typically, an extension of child support might be granted if:

  • The child is still enrolled in high school or an equivalent program
  • The child is enrolled full time in college or some other post-secondary program, or
  • The child has a physical or mental disability that he or she had before turning 19

Unless you have a court order already stating an extended termination date for child support, you must file a Request for Continuation of Support if you want to receive child support after your child turns 19. As the requesting custodial parent, you must submit documentation supporting your request and may be required to submit periodic documentation to the court and the parent who pays the child support to continue to receive support. If you do not agree with the Request for Continuation, you must file a motion with the court that originally issued the child support order.

Whether you are seeking a continuation of child support, you will need the guidance of a skilled attorney. You must meet certain requirements to ask for a child support continuation. You will have to submit certain pieces of documentation to prove you meet those requirements, and you may be required to provide continuing documentation as long as you receive the child support continuation. You might also face some opposition from the parent with the support obligation and need to enforce the order, but your child deserves support if he or she fits one of the requirements above. An attorney can help you file your Request for Continuation of Support along with the proper documentation, giving you the best chance of having your request granted.

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